Features Musician, Educator & Culture Maven John Arnold Describes the Development of His Career In Memoir “Tobago Son”.



Features Musician, Educator & Culture Maven John Arnold Describes the Development of His Career In Memoir “Tobago Son”.

Musician, Educator & Culture Maven John Arnold Describes the Development of His Career In Memoir “Tobago Son”.


John Arnold – Jazzin with Tambrin Jazz

Musician, educator, “eventologist” and culture maven John Arnold holds a Hummingbird Medal Gold as one of Tobago’s most high-profile sons. He defined a generation as a Signal Hill Secondary School teacher and through his children’s talent TV showcase. As musical director of the champion Signal Hill Alumni Choir, he created a new standard for Caribbean choral performance. He has been intrinsic to Tobago’s biggest music and cultural festivals, from the political disaster of Ringbang to the triumphs of Blue Food and Tobago Jazz.

John Arnold

This fast-paced, lively memoir describes John Arnold’s personal foundation and the development of his career in music and events. Leading with an intimate look at his childhood and youth, John then details with unstinting openness his decades as a teacher, choir director, and festival and event planner. Here he also lays bare his battle with prostate cancer.

Tobago Signal Hill Alumni Choir

The intimate, revealing memoir is narrated by John Arnold himself as told to Trinidadian journalist and Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlisted author Lisa Allen-Agostini.

Lisa Allen-Agostini – Award winning Author Photo Credit: Paula Obé Photography. Dress by The Cloth.

I was thrilled to work with the iconic John Arnold on his memoir Tobago Son. I think this book is a must-read, shedding light on the life and times of a man who has helped redefine our musical and cultural landscape in T&T. John’s authorial presence shines through as a real Trinbagonian voice and it’s very enjoyable.

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